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As we did for the 1960s , the 1990s , and the 2000s , as well as our 2010-2014 list , we polled our staff and contributing writers for their favorite songs of the era and tabulated the results. Every time we do one of these lists we learn something about how perceptions of decades change over time, and how the musical ideas from a given era filter through to later generations. For many selections, we provide some of our favorite related tracks for further exploration. Thanks for reading and listening.

In his early life and career, by his own admission, [6] Wardle was given to occasional bouts of aggression, exacerbated by heavy drinking and drug use. As a result, he ended up living in a squat with John Gray in West London , whilst Lydon and Vicious formed The Sex Pistols . With admittedly large "builders hands", he had experimented with the guitar, but found playing bass a more connected and whole body experience, influenced in part by admiring Bob Marley ’s and The Wailers bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett on stage in 1975. [7] Wardle was as critical of his friend Vicious's bass playing as John Lydon, [7] and had hence played in experimentation sessions with Lydon. After burning all the possessions of his squat-mates, they left him alone there with a mattress, a headboard and his Music Man -copy bass. [7]

François Kevorkian* François K - FK-EPFrançois Kevorkian* François K - FK-EPFrançois Kevorkian* François K - FK-EPFrançois Kevorkian* François K - FK-EP